cgiburn (cgiburn 0.4.2)

Copyright (c) 2000-2001 Scott W. Gifford <>

CGIBurn is a Web-based front end for burning CDs. Out of the box, it knows how to copy from one data CD to another, from a directory of files onto a CD, from a CD into a directory of files, and some other, less useful options (See SETUP below for the less useful options).

It is written in Perl for use under Unix. See the section on Requirements for more details about exactly what is required.

CGIBurn is written by Scott Gifford. Please report any questions, problems, complaints, or praise to me at the email address above.


See TODO file for next release, with bugfixes and improvements planned for the next release.
Sun, Mar 18 2001
We're back from the dead! I've restored this Web site to its former glory from backup. Sorry for the long downtime; it's been a busy last couple weeks. :)
Tue, Feb 6 2001
Uploaded 0.4.2. Bugfix release.
Tue, Oct 24 2000
Uploaded 0.4. First public release.

Getting it

Release Notes

See the file NEWS, included with this distribution.


CGIBurn requires a computer which is fast enough to keep up with the burning process. I am currently using it on a Pentium 133 with no problems.

CGIBurn is a front-end to other CD burning and copying programs, such as cdrecord, mkisofs, and standard UNIX utilities awk, ps, and rm. As such, it requires that copies of these programs be available and working before you can even think about using it. The following programs and versions were used for testing this release:

cdrecord 1.9
mkisofs 1.13 (from the cdrecord 1.9 package)
rm GNU 4.0p (from fileutils)
eject 2.0.2
awk GNU 3.0.4
ps procps 2.0.6 (Linux version)
CGI perl module 2.74
For the suid helper (which gives burning processes high priority)
Safe setuid scripts (or a working suidperl)
GNU tar (gtar) 1.13.17

rm, awk, ps, and eject should come with your system. CGIBurn uses options specific to GNU tar, and expects it to be available as "gtar".

cdrecord can be downloaded from:

The CGI module can be installed by typing

            perl -MCPAN -e 'CPAN::Shell->install(CGI)'
at the shell, with any recent version of Perl.

Additionally, CGIBurn requires some version of Perl 5.0 or newer (tested with 5.005_03) on some version of Unix that supports the programs (tested on Linux kernel 2.2.14, on a RedHat 6.2 system).

For job control to work, your version of ps must support the '-o' option, which asks it to print user-specified information about the processes.

Other than that, though, it shouldn't be too sensitive to kernels or distributions, as long as the Perl works and the above programs work. It might not even require Unix, if you can find versions of cdrecord and mkisofs that support other operating systems.

CGIBurn is written as a series of CGI scripts that run backend libraries and driver programs. In order to run the CGI scripts, you'll need a Web server that supports CGI scripts written in Perl. This distribution was tested with Apache 1.3.12.

Tested on:

Using it

The installation process is thoroughly documented in the README file.


cgiburn is copyrighted by Scott Gifford and is licensed through the GNU General Public License. Read the COPYING file for the complete license.