interceptty (interceptty 0.5)

Copyright (c) 2000-2004 Scott W. Gifford <>

interceptty is a program that can sit between a real (or fake!) serial port and an application, recording any communications between the application and the device. It can also be used as a network serial server or client, to provide an emulated serial port connected to a program, and for various other tasks.

It was written by Scott Gifford.


Sun, Sep 5 2004
Uploaded 0.6. Fix tragic bug in tty permission setting code, which screwed up permissions on /dev/ptmx when run as root, making a royal mess out of everything. Added some more features useful for running as root, such as changing UID and GID, and doing chroot(2). See NEWS for more details.
Sat, Jul 7 2004
Uploaded 0.5. Pty code is rewritten to be more portable, based on OpenSSH's pty code. Now runs on newer versions of Linux (with Unix98 PTYs), Linux with BSD-style PTYs, Solaris, and OpenBSD. I've tested it on all of the systems I have access to; it will probably run on other platforms with minor tweaks. If you get it working on something else, please drop me an email!
Sat, Jun 27 2004
Uploaded 0.4. Many new features; see NEWS. Many of these changes were sponsored by my employer, the University of Michigan, as part of my work on the wherefid project.
Wed, May 3 2000
Uploaded 0.3. Fixed another broken option.
Mon, May 1 2000
Uploaded 0.2b. Corrected incorrect copy of COPYING, and made a few other cosmetic changes.
Mon, May 1 2000
Uploaded 0.2. Rewrote to use autoconf, fixed a broken option switch.
Thu, Apr 20 2000
Uploaded 0.1b. Fixed small compilation problem.
Tue, Apr 18 2000
Uploaded 0.1. First release.

Getting it

Download the most recent tarfile (interceptty-0.6.tar.gz). 95911 bytes.

Release Notes

See the file NEWS, included with this distribution.


Using it

You can build interceptty with
	make install
Once you have done that, run 'interceptty' with no arguments for help.

Further documentation is included in the README and the manpage.


interceptty is copyrighted by Scott Gifford and is licensed through the GNU General Public License. Read the COPYING file for the complete license.