Welcome to Scott Gifford's Homepage

Thanks for stopping by!  This site is where I jot down my thoughts on whatever's interesting to me at the moment, and the projects I'm involved with.

I work as an independent consultant and programmer in Flint, Michigan and the surrounding area.  Currently the projects that keep me busiest are teaching at ITT, working on PrintSites, using Asterisk to create a call center application for PPI Communications,  developing the home search software that drives HomeSurf USA, and a variety of other projects.

I am also a volunteer and board member with the Genesee Free-Net.  I have a few free software projects I've written, like interceptty, UCSPI-TLS, and various qmail patches.  I used to work for the UMich Whereabouts Project and for Resource Genesee, and some of you may remember me from The Internet Ramp back in the 90s.  I do occasional consulting on networking and computer security, and when i have extra time for programming I enjoy writing Perl code.

When I'm not working or programming, I like to spend time with my family, and hang around Flint, where I've lived for the last 12 years.